No need to stress while preparing for Berlinale

So it’s that time of the year again: you are searching your mail for your ticket to Berlin, but your mailbox is overflowing with meeting requests. You will be leaving soon with an early flight to Berlin and you still need to pack your suitcase. What will the weather be? What to pack and who to meet? Every year it’s the same. Can’t this festival preparation be done easier? Quicker? Without this much stress?

The same goes for organizing your festival. One day you are in full control and the next your desk is bombarded with sticky notes. We noticed the amount of work going into organizing a festival. A lot of time is spend on tedious tasks or sending Excel sheets back and forth between colleagues. Could this not be done more efficiently? Easier? And without stress? That’s why we created Fiona: a stress free, easy to use tool, to help you organize the best film festival possible. Schedule hundreds of shows with Q&A’s, book meetings automatically for your market, publish your programme to your site with the push of a button….

Sounds like something you can use for your festival? We’re in Berlin and we’d be happy to talk with you about what Fiona can do for you. Click below to schedule an appointment.

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