Fiona Festival integrates with Shift72

Film festivals are trying to keep up with digital transformation on many different levels, and the need for user-friendly film festival software is booming. We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Shift72, a frontrunner in video on demand. This partnership is all about making film festivals easier to manage and enjoy.


Integrations make life easier

Fiona Festival, known for its easy-to-use yet powerful film festival software, has partnered with Shift72, famous for its Video-On-Demand (VOD) platform. Together, we’re making life easier for festival organisers. Our new integration enables seamless synchronisation of data entered into Fiona directly with the Shift72 platform, saving time and ensuring data remains consistent.

The Future of Film Festivals

Our partnership with Fiona Festival and Shift72 isn’t just about tech—it results from a shared vision for the future of film festivals. Organisers can focus on curating the best festival content, knowing that management and distribution are in capable hands, while attendees can enjoy an even better festival experience.

The integration is the first step in our partnership. We promise to keep improving and innovating. Together with Shift72 and our film festival clients, we aim to make the best and most unforgettable festivals.

Get in touch for more info on how this can supercharge your festival.

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At Fiona, we love tech and film festivals. That is why our film festival clients love Fiona’s film festival management software: designed to be effective, user-friendly, and easy to use.  We are constantly adding new features and learning from our trusted film festival partners. Meanwhile, we stay updated on new technologies to keep Fiona the best film festival management software.

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