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Hey, film festival organizer!

Are you always working late, and spending hours trying to get everything right and on time?

We’ve got the solution: Smart and effective film festival management software, that does the job for you.

How Fiona can help you

  • Easy to use software
    Fiona is smart and intuitive

  • 9+ support
    Fiona is always available to help you

  • Powerful extensive API
    Easy integration with your other systems

  • Instructions and tutorials
    You’ll be a Fiona-pro in no time

  • Automatic synchronisation
    Everyone is always working with the latest information

  • Fully customizable
    Adapt Fiona to your specific needs

Film festivals that already love us

Film Festival Success Factors

As a partner of successful film festivals across the globe, we have the perfect inside look at the things that make them successful.

Start implementing these success factors to increase your success!

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Why they love us

It's such a convenient tool, I'm already so much more at peace ?

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