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Fiona offers all you need to manage and organize a film festival. Our tools let you work more efficiently and at lower costs. From researching entries to programming films and publication of your festival schedule. We know every festival is different. So you can change Fiona with modules for specific tasks and applications.

All you need is included

Fiona Festival comes with all features needed for organizing your festival.
On top of that, Fiona offers several unique and powerful additional modules that have been specially developed for large, high-end festivals.

Looking for a festival app? Fiona has one!

Festival programming

  • Open entry forms
    Invite film makers, guests and volunteers to submit their applications to your festival. After submission, all entries are immediately available in Fiona for processing by your staff.

  • Film research and selection
    Process the entries, divide them among your viewers and select only the best films for your festival. Assign films to the various sections and competitions.

  • Combined programs
    Create combined programs to schedule sets of films multiple times. Enrich these programs with their own texts and stills.

  • Easy drag & drop planner
    Simply drag and drop films, events, combined programs or production activities on the scheduler. Automatically schedule introductions, trailers and Q&A’s around screenings.

  • Event programming and production
    Create events, add people and facilities needed. Setup detailed call sheets and program the event on your schedule.

Film logistics

  • Screening copy logistics
    Request your film makers for screening copies via various delivery platforms. Automatically check the received copies for completeness and detect technical issues. Read this case study about automating your screening copy logistics.

  • Screening copy distribution
    Select the right screening copy for the show. Get instructions how to fill raid sets with the right content. KDMs are automatically distributed to the right venues.

CRM & guest service

  • Contact management
    Use Fiona as your CRM for all your festival related contacts: film makers, guests, volunteers, employees, sponsors, production companies, etc. Keep contact information up to date easily. View the history of your contacts during previous editions of the festival.

  • Guest service
    Invite and select your guests, assign badges, create appointments. Schedule Q&A’s, introductions and press meetings your your film makers.

  • Travel, Stay and other expenses
    Register available hotel rooms for this edition. Assign guests to accommodations, Register the journeys of your guests by flight, train or other means. Keep track of other expenses of your guests. Specify costs to pay by guest or festival. Set budgets and keep track of the total costs per cost center.

Volunteer management

  • Volunteer selection
    Invite volunteer for application. Select volunteers and assign them to specific positions. Add badges and keep track of personal preferences (diet, etc.)

  • Volunteer planning
    Setup shifts per location and position. Assign volunteers to these shifts. Communicate the scheduled services via e-mail, website or directly in the Fiona Festival app.

Productivity boosters

  • Work lists and overviews
    Create and manage your own up-to-date work lists and overviews that fits into your working process. Filter your overviews by progress status, to get realtime insight in the work to be done. Share your favorite lists within your team.

  • Smart, intuitive navigation
    Stay in context while editing information. Open your content by clicking an item in an overview. Dive deeper in related content without losing your initial context saving clicks and time.

  • Status lists
    Add your own status lists to films, guests, texts, etc. Show the status in overviews to keep track of the progress of the work.

  • Custom fields
    Need to store information not covered by Fiona? Add your own custom fields of various types and use these in mailings, reports, overviews and forms.

  • Customizable mailing and reporting templates
    Create your own templates with an easy to use template editor. Use HTML and CSS to create appealing reports. Apply master templates for a consistent lay-out of all your reports.

  • Mailing
    Send personalized mailings, individually or in batch. Add personalized PDF-attachments to your mailings. Schedule your mailings to be sent later. Choose to whom the mailing will be sent (contact person or specific role). Prevent mailings to be send twice to the same recipient. Automatically set a custom status when a mailing has been sent.

  • Reporting
    Create appealing reports of almost everything, like films, shows, guests, etc. Include pictures and QR codes in your reports. Reports may be applied for e.g. viewing reports, appointments schedule, program schedule, badges, call sheets, and so on. Add personalized report to mailings.

  • Full control on publication
    Publish your festival program to website, app and ticketing provider. Keep full control over which content you want to publish in the weeks before the festival, Select outdated information and publish it with one click.

  • Bulk actions
    Save time and replace repetitive tasks with bulk tasks. Bulk tasks are applied on a list of selected items (films, guests). Common tasks are mailing, inviting, publishing, exporting of stills, etc.

  • Conflict management
    Discover planning conflicts in an early stage. Conflicts like missing screening material, double booked venues, appointments with guests not present, etc.

  • User management
    Create teams and assign coworkers to teams with manageable user rights. Share overviews among team members. Give your temporary coworkers access to only the things they need.

  • Secure, excellent hosting
    Keeping Fiona fast and your data safe.

Additional modules

Extend your Fiona with even more functionality, by adding one of the following modules.

Film market module
Do you organize a film market or forum? Do you want to avoid planning all one-on-one meetings by hand? With the film market module, Fiona helps you schedule 1000+ appointments based on meeting requests of projects and participants. All within a few minutes.

Just setup the business rules for the appointment to schedule (slots, duration, blocked periods, overall and by project). Prioritize your decision makers. Click the button.

The film market module includes an extra edition type (entry and selection context for the projects) and entry forms for collecting the meeting request of the project representatives and decision makers.

Invoicing module

Create invoices and collect online payments* with Fiona’s invoicing module. The module allows you to create invoices for entry and accreditation fees on the fly, after someone submitted a form.

Create your own (combined) invoices by hand and send a payment link by email. Keep track of the status of all payments and send reminders if necessary.

* The online payments are handled by Adyen, with a worldwide coverage of all local payment methods.

Volunteer shift picker

Why spend days planning volunteers when they can do it themselves? With the shift picker, the selected volunteers choose their own services online. Based on their assigned role, volunteers can choose the shifts that suit them.

The festival can set rules, such as a minimum and maximum number of services, whether or not at multiple locations, training services, etc.

Form designer module

In the standard configuration we will setup the forms for you, that matches your requirements. Do you want complete control over your online forms? With the form designer module you can manage the Fiona forms yourself, instead of using the pre-setup forms.

Decide yourself when to create forms for your online film entry, guest accreditation or application of volunteers. Create as many as form variants you need. Add new fields, write the perfect texts to go with them and publish them when you want. Invite people to complete pre-filled forms.

MyFestival integration module

Fiona can integrate with your “MyFestival” environment, to provide a seamless user experience for your film makers and guests. Only one logon is needed for filling out forms, view submitted entries, view appointments, view shifts, buy tickets, favorites, etc.

Contacts (film makers, guests, volunteers) in Fiona are linked to “MyFestival” accounts on the fly after submitting their first form.

If you also use the Fiona Festival app, festival guests can view their appointments and buy tickets within the festival app.

Festival app

Serve your audience the best festival experience with this perfect companion to your program. It is lightning fast, shows the full program. For your professional guests the app offers an integrated agenda, with all the appointments you created for them.

Program features

  • Films A-Z
    Listing of all films, specials, films with trailers, films per section / competition. Click through for stills, credits, synopsis, trailers and screenings.

  • Show day by day
    All screenings and shows per day: on time, per venue or A-Z.

  • Show with tickets available
    Avoid disappointment among your audience.

  • News
    Latest news on your social media channels.

  • Partners & sponsors /advertisements
    Info about your partnes and sponsors. Add ads of your sponsors.

  • Venues and other locations
    Shows your venues on a map.

Professional features

  • Industry program
    Listing of all industry screenings

  • Appointments *
    Listing of personal appointments during the festival

MyFestival integration *

  • Buy tickets
    Buy and pay your tickets in the app.

  • Order history
    View all tickets purchased. Show QR codes at the door.

  • Favorites listings
    Store and view your favorite films

  • Badges
    Present your festival badge via the app

* MyFestival integration module required

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