Film logistics

With our festival management software, you are able to manage and automate the entire process around film logistics in one place. Whether it’s about retrieving or checking screening copies – managing your film logistics in Fiona is more efficient and easier than ever. Besides, with our extensive film logistics feature, you are now always 100% sure that you are delivering the right file to every venue.

Screening copy logistics

Fiona has an indepth integration with FilmFetch. As a result, the entire process of retrieving, uploading, checking and forwarding DCPs and Vimeo players has become automated.

After submitting a film form, filmmakers will be automatically invited to deliver their screening copies online, or you can send them an uploading request later on. Either way, the screening materials will be uploaded through the secure FilmFetch environment, to Fiona. Once a filmmaker has uploaded a file, it will be automatically checked for completeness and possible technical errors. When the files are validated, they are immediately available in Fiona.

Read more in our blog about automating your screening copy logistics.

  • Send uploading requests to film makers

  • Automated process of submitting and receiving DCPs and Vimeo videos

  • Uploading through the secure online platform by FilmFetch

  • Automated file check

  • Also register and manage incoming analogue screening materials, like 35mm and video

Raid set handling and KDM distribution

Fiona helps your film control department to automate the whole process of filling raid sets with DCP files. Because we know, it is always a time-consuming job to figure out which DCPs need to be ingested on which raid sets. Using the auto-fill feature in Fiona and our API, you can fully automate the process of getting your raid sets ready. So, sit back and watch.

Have you ever had to manually distribute hundreds of KDM files? Fiona also automates this process for you. The only thing for you to do is to give Fiona access to your Dropbox with KDM files. Fiona knows which KDM file is needed to which show and automatically distributes the KDM file to a venue-specific folder.

  • Saving time by automating the process of filling raid sets

  • KDM files are automatically distributed to venues

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