About Fiona Festival

We believe that technology can be your friend instead of your enemy. That is why we design our digital products to be effective, user-friendly, and easy to use. With many years of experience in IT as well as in event management, we have created Fiona – but not without the collaboration with great Dutch film festivals.

We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If you are in the neighborhood, come to say hi!

Let us introduce ourselves

Our team

The team behind Fiona has been working with film festivals for over 15 years. That’s how we distinguish ourselves, by combining our experiences in development and  event organization. So, let us introduce to you: our team – the people you are likely to run into when calling or passing by.

Roland van Putten

Roland van Putten, technical director

Roland is co-founder and technical director of Fiona. He helps many film festivals as a technical consultant with a deep understanding of festival processes.

Digna van Nielen

Digna van Nielen, project manager

Digna is our project manager, ever since the start of the company. With years of working experience in the programming department of various film festivals, she knows exactly what you need. Ask her anything and she knows!

Peter Goldman

Peter Goldman, art director

Peter is co-founder of Fiona. He heads the design team and is responsible for marketing.

How it all started

Our story

Fiona Festival is made for festivals and powered by festivals.

In 2015, we have partnered up with IFFR, IDFA, and NFF to create a new online platform. Although the three biggest Dutch film festivals are unique in their festival programming and other activities, they also have a lot in common. Each festival goes through the same stages of researching and selecting films, inviting guests, programming shows, publishing the data to the website, et cetera. The differences between the festivals can be found in their data and content, and sometimes in that way they set up their workflows.

Our aim was to create one platform based on the latest technologies, design around a festival’s most important work processes. It also had to feel like a unique product, which could accommodate specific workflows and data for a festival. Lastly, working together on one platform should decrease the yearly costs for each festival. As a bonus, the festivals also learned a lot from each other.

Fiona Festival is live since 2016. New features are added each year, thanks to our great partners who keep us up to date about the latest changes in the film festival world. Meanwhile, we keep on searching for new technologies to keep Fiona up to date.

Interested in Fiona for your festival?

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