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The festival management software by Fiona Festival includes powerful features to support you throughout the entire process of organizing your festival. Fiona simply enables you to work smarter and more effectively. We help you achieve more with less, with a higher level of control and insight.

Festival programming

Work smarter from start to finish

Online entry forms for films, guests, groups, and volunteers

Receive online submissions and invite guests, all in one single workflow.

Drag & drop festival planner

Scheduling films, events or production activities made easier than ever.

Film research, assessment and selection

Process entries, create selection committees to get your entries assessed and manage your film selection.

Online screenings and video on demand

Let your audience enjoy your program anywhere, any time.

Combined programs

Create sets of films to schedule multiple times.

Event programming and production

Create events, add people and facilities needed.

Group events

Schedule shows for groups of people, like school classes.

Productivity boosters

  • Smart, intuitive navigation

  • Worklists, status lists and overviews

  • Custom fields

  • Customizable mailing templates

  • Mailing

  • Bulk actions

Film logistics

Full control from maker to venue

Screening copy logistics

Uploading and checking screening copies via a secure platform.

Raid set handling and KDM distribution

Automate the process of filling raid sets and distributing KDM files.

Guest service and CRM

Making true hospitality the standard

Contact management

Keep contact information up to date easily.

Travel and stay

Keep track of your bookings and expenses.

Guest service

Invite and select your guests, assign badges, create appointments.

Budget center

Register hotel rooms, register journeys, and stays of your guests.

Sponsorship and partner deals

Record agreements made for sponsorship and partner deals.

Manage and stay in control

  • Full control on publication

  • Customizable reporting

  • Conflict management

  • User management

  • Secure, excellent hosting


Volunteer management

Maximize your work force

Volunteer selection

Assign volunteers, add badges, add personal preferences.

Volunteer planning

Setup shifts per location and position.

Customer support

  • Implementation and training

  • Experienced customer service team

  • Fiona Help Center

  • API documentation for IT partners


Media & publication

Present yourself to the world

Full control on publication

With our publication API, you publish any media and content to your (online) channels.

Write, translate, and publish

Let your content team work together smoothly to provide background stories.

Use tags to group your films

Create commonly used tags and provide each film with their own tags to group them.

All types of media

Add all types of media and content to your films, relations, shows, etc.

Additional modules

Extend your Fiona with even more functionality. 

You can add multiple modules to your Fiona, for example, a film market module, a form designer and a MyFestival integration.


Make it even easier with trusted integrations.

We provide all integrations you need to organize your festival smoothly. From payment and ticketing apps to media storage and players and virtual meeting tools.

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