Guest service and CRM

While running a film festival, it’s not only about films, but also about the people behind these films. Your contacts, whether individuals or companies, are very valuable to your festival. Therefore, we offer an extensive guest service and contact management feature as standard.

With this feature, you are able to fully understand your professional guests. From the moment you invite them to your festival to their travel to and stay during your event – you keep track of anything that involves guest and companies, within or related to your festival. Besides, our festival management software allows you to easily communicate with your contact persons and other relations through forms and mailings.

Contact management

While organizing a film festival you are dealing with many different contacts. In Fiona, you can create a separate record for every filmmaker, guest, volunteer, employee, sponsor, production company and any other festival related contact. This record provides all contact information and a person’s or companies’ complete history within your festival.

In a person and company record, you can edit contact information, link persons and companies, provide media (e.g. images and texts) and add awards and nominations. From Fiona, you can publish these media directly to your website.

  • Database for all your festival related contacts

  • Keep contact information up to date easily

  • View the full history of your contacts

  • Publish media directly to your website

Guest service

In Fiona, you can use a guestbook as a way of gathering all the guests for one festival edition. With our guest service feature, you are able to select guests, to assign badges, and to create appointments. You can schedule Q&A’s, introductions, and press meetings with filmmakers. Be the ultimate host by knowing all about your guests, and offering them a clear appointment schedule.

  • Invite and select guests

  • Assign badges

  • Create appointments

  • Schedule Q&A’s, introductions and press meetings with filmmakers

Sponsorship and partner deals

The sponsorship feature helps you keep track of your sponsor deals. In Fiona, you can create packages for sponsorships and partner deals. You can link these packages to companies to make sure every sponsor/partner receives what is agreed upon. By using status lists, you can check if everything is arranged as promised.

  • Record your agreements

  • Create packages for sponsorship and partner deal, and link them to companies

  • Use status list to make sure everything will be arranged as agreed

Travel, stay and budget centers

Fiona enables you to manage travels and bookings for your guests. You can keep track of available hotel rooms, booked trips and budgets.

  • Register available hotel rooms

  • Assign guests to accommodations

  • Register journeys of your guests

  • Keep track of your guests’ expenses

  • Specify payments for bookings

  • Set and manage budgets

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