Management tools

Working with different departments and a lot of data requires a streamlined workflow and tools to keep things organized. That’s why Fiona comes with handy management features as standard. So that you can monitor and optimize your organization and planning anytime, anywhere.


During your festival, you create a lot of data – in the selection process, during production, and with the evaluation of your event. Fiona enables you to create appealing reports of almost everything, like films, shows, guests, volunteers, etc.

Design your reports easily and include pictures and QR codes to give it a finishing touch. Reports may be applied for e.g. viewing reports, appointments schedule, program schedule, badges, call sheets, and so on.

  • Create appealing reports of almost everything

  • Include pictures and QR codes in your reports

  • Add personalized report to mailings

Full control on publication

Publish your full festival program (including texts, stills and, videos) to your website, your Festival App, and your ticketing provider. Our publication section and API make it possible to keep control over the publication of your content. You decide what you publish, when, and where.

  • Publish your festival program directly to your website, app and ticketing provider

  • Keep full control over which content you want to publish

  • Select outdated information and unpublish it with one click

Conflict management

Thanks to our smart conflict management feature, rarely anything goes wrong during your festival. Fiona automatically detects conflicts, such as missing screening material and double-booked venues, and makes sure you are immediately aware of them. That way, you have plenty of time to look into it and fix the issue.

  • Discover planning conflicts in an early stage

  • Filter on conflicts in your planner

Users & teams

A very important part of the workflow of your festival is your team. In Fiona, you create teams with manageable rights, so your coworkers will only have access to anything they need to do their job right. You can easily share overviews with your team or with each other.

Temporary employees are given access only to the parts of Fiona they need to work with. Deactivate and easily re-activate accounts for each edition again.

  • Create teams and assign coworkers to teams with manageable user rights

  • Share overviews among team members

  • Give your temporary coworkers access to only the things they need

  • Easily activate and deactivate user accounts

Cloud-based environment and hosting service

By using excellent, secure hosting, we keep Fiona fast and your data safe.

  • Excellent and secure hosting to let your Fiona perform at its best

  • Work from anywhere with our cloud-based software

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