Festival programming

Large festivals have to deal with a lot of data. In Fiona, all this data is stored in one place, and we’ll help you create a good workflow so the whole process of submission, selection and production runs smoothly, and your entire team can work streamlined.

While you are selecting films and creating your ultimate program, Fiona detects conflicts. Our system helps you prevent errors in your festival schedule, it helps you save time and work more freely and efficiently. So, you will be in control the whole time.

Online submission

In Fiona, you can easily retrieve data from filmmakers, volunteers, and guests through online submission forms. Collect data from new persons or update the data of existing contacts. Fiona helps you processing your new and updated information quickly and easily.

You are able to create online entry forms. Applicants can fill out all requested fields and enter their submission online. Next, all information will be automatically processed and saved in Fiona, so that each entry is immediately ready to be reviewed by your staff.

Do you have a MyFestival environment on your website? Or are you interested in pre-filled entry forms (on invitation)? Check out our My Festival integration module to work with personal accounts.

  • Customized online entry form

  • Invite filmmakers, guests and volunteers to submit their applications

  • After submission, all entries are immediately available in Fiona for processing

Film research and selection

Now, with all entries in Fiona stored in a cloud-based online database, it is easier than ever to divide all entries among your reviewers. Within Fiona, your review team can view, leave remarks, and select (or reject) films. Moreover, you can real-time monitor the status of films.

Fiona also offers the possibility to keep notes on film research.

  • Select only the best films for your festival

  • Process film entries easily

  • Everything is stored in a cloud-based environment

  • Divide films among your viewers

  • Provide films with (internal) remarks

  • Assign films to various sections and competitions

Drag & drop festival planner

When organizing a festival, and especially programming a festival, being able to visualize the schedule is a very relevant feature. Fiona offers such a visual planner. In fact, our easy drag and drop festival planner allows you to program screenings to the rhythm of your festival – without any errors, since Fiona warns you if there are any technical or organizational conflicts. You can also plan extra time, people and facilities if needed for each screening, e.g. for an introduction talk, trailers, Q&A’s.

With our drag and drop festival planner, you can also collaborate with different teams. A film planner, an event programmer and a production manager can work together in the same schedule.

  • Simply drag and drop films, events, combined programs or production activities on the scheduler

  • Schedule introductions, trailers and Q&A’s around screenings

Online screenings and video on demand

We help you move your festival online! In Fiona, you can set up online shows in the same easy way as your in-venue program. Letting your filmmakers submit screening materials for online use is also as easy, quick and safe as it always was. So, without any extra effort, you can offer your audience a (partly) virtual festival.

In Fiona, you can also manage your video on demand (VOD) platform, all year round. With geo-settings, you can handle the availability of films per region. By integrating your ticketing system with Fiona, you grant access to the VOD show. Provide your online shows with alternative content like recorded events such as talk shows, masterclasses, and Q&As.

Last but not least, it is also possible to connect online meeting rooms to an online show, so that – even though your festival might be (partly) virtual – you still remain a meeting place for your audience.

  • Easily, quickly and safely uploading online screening materials

  • Add alternative content, like a recorded talk or a slide show, to your online show

  • Set if content is mandatory to watch, or not

  • Add public meeting rooms to your online video player

  • Add geo settings to your films and screenings

Combined programs

Your festival probably offers one or more combined programs, like a short movie program or a student competition. These combined programs consist of a set of films that are screened multiple times during a festival. Fiona enables you to create combined programs with their own titles and description.

  • Create combined programs to schedule sets of films

  • Use a combined program to quickly create multiple screenings of a set of films

  • Enrich each program with its own texts and stills

Group events

Whether you are organizing educational screenings for school classes or events for other kinds of groups – organizing them takes a lot of time. With this feature, you are able to retrieve all needed information by using forms and you can easily process their data in Fiona. By using the group event mode in the scheduler, you can easily plan group events while keeping an overview of your main program.

  • Use the group event mode to schedule group events

  • View capacity per screening room

  • Request all needed information by online forms

  • Keep an overview of your main program

Event programming and production

Fiona allows you to schedule not only film screenings, but the entire production of any kind of activity: either it is an art exhibition, a talk, a concert or a networking event. So, the full program of your festival can be planned and visualized in Fiona.

When you have scheduled an event or show part, Fiona checks automatically if the right people are available at that moment and if the chosen venue or room has the right screening facilities. So that in the production phase you are sure that everything and everyone will be ready for take-off.

  • Create and schedule events

  • View schedule per venue

  • Add people and facilities

  • Set up detailed call sheets

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