Productivity boosters

We understand what you, as a festival, need to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. No wonder that in Fiona, you will find features that simplify your work and boost your productivity. Such as, a smart, intuitive navigation, daily to-do-lists, up to date status lists and bulk actions. As well as creating templates for your mailings and reports and adding custom fields to be able to retrieve all necessary information.

Smart, intuitive navigation

In Fiona, you navigate intuitively and smoothly through your database. So that you know that you are working in the right context, when you edit or supplement information. You can dive deeper in related content without losing your initial context, saving clicks and time. By the way, Fiona saves your changes automatically.

  • Fiona is very easy to use, so everyone learns to work with our software quickly

  • Dive deeper in related content without losing your initial context saving clicks and time

Worklists and overviews

Create and manage your own up-to-date worklists and overviews that fit into your working process. Filter your overviews by progress status to get real-time insight into the work to be done, and share your favorite lists within your team.

  • Create shortcuts to your favorite overviews and worklists on your startpage

  • Create overviews to list all information

  • Create and manage your own up-to-date work lists that fits into your working process

  • Filter your overviews by progress status, to get real-time insight in the work to be done

  • Share your favorite lists within your team

Status lists

Get an insight into the state of work by using statuses. In Fiona, you can create your own statuses for films, guests, publication texts etc. Keep track of the work to be done by assigning a status to a card and sections on a card. By means of an overview, you will always be up to date of any progress.

  • Apply statuses to different sections of a card

  • Show status in overview to keep track of progress

Custom fields

Do you need to retrieve or store information that is not covered by Fiona’s default fields? Then you simply add custom fields. Pick a type, enter the values to be chosen, and use your custom fields in mailings, reports, overviews, and forms.

  • Add your own custom fields of various types

  • Use custom fields in mailings, reports, overviews and forms

Customizable mailing and reporting templates

You can create endless amounts of templates for mailings and reports. With only some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and our easy-to-use template editor, you can already create appealing templates yourself. Also, with a master template, you have a consistent layout for all your future mailing and reporting templates.

  • Create your own templates with an easy to use template editor

  • Use HTML and CSS to create appealing reports

  • Apply master templates for a consistent lay-out of all your reports


Reach out to film makers, guests and volunteers with personalized or static mailings. Select the recipients: a contact person, to relations with a specific role or to a list of selected contacts.

Before sending out a mailing, you can preview a mailing template and test a mailing. You can send the mailing immediately or postpone the delivery. Fiona shows a log of every mailing sent and Fiona helps you to prevent sending a mailing twice to same recipient.

  • Send personalized mailings, individually or in batch

  • Add personalized or static PDF attachments to your mailings

  • Schedule your mailings to be sent later

  • Choose to whom the mailing will be sent

  • Automatically set a custom status when a mailing has been sent

Bulk actions

Save time and replace repetitive tasks with bulk tasks. Bulk tasks are applied on a list of selected items (films, guests). With one touch of the button send out many mailings and invitation, publish a lot of content or export of all selected film stills, etc.

  • Bulk tasks are applied on a list of selected items

  • Common bulk actions are mailing, inviting, publishing, exporting of stills, etc.

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