Oerol 2022: Top 3 performances

Oerol 2022 is almost starting! Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, art installations, and music. Oerol’s 41st year looks very promising and we are beyond proud that Oerol is the first theatre festival in the Netherlands that works with Fiona.

We have selected 3 of our favorite acts for you!

1. Four Weddings (and an Iranial Funeral)

Nasim tells the stories of people in the Iranian gay community and the double lives they lead. Including his own story: From his first kiss to saying goodbye to his parents. Some stories are joyful, others are tragic, but they are all filled with love – both for the people he met on his journey, and those he left behind.

2. Spuug van God

What does it mean to grow up as a boy of color in a remote Dutch village in the polder? There are many different versions of Willem de Bruin (the Opposites). He filters parts of his identity or embellishes it, depending on the company. His father taught him to smile at the world. A solo performance on identity.

3. Mono-Poly & Kriya Familia

Oerol presents a versatile musical program. Intimacy and experimentation are celebrated in ‘de Luwte’. Unexpected collaborations, intimate listening sessions and more… Let yourself be surprised! Chances are you’ll see something here for the first (and last) time.

Since Oerol is one of our beloved clients, we are very excited about Oerol’s 41st edition. Oerol has been using Fiona Film festival management software to make sure to manage their work better, organize faster and improve their events. Does that get you excited? Have a look here!


If you want to see the entire Oerol program, make sure to visit the website.

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