Happy holidays: Fiona’s film tips and 2021 festival calender

2020 – the year that the digitization of film festivals really took off; That your festival virtually connected professional guests from all over the world; And that the program of your film festival could be watched from home. Now, 2021 is just around the corner, and we are curious to see what it has in [...]

Our 3 favorite films at IDFA 2020

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam already started last Wednesday, but you can enjoy at least ten more days of their festival program. With their hybrid form, there is a lot to enjoy both on-site and online. Currently, in the Netherlands, there are only 30 people allowed in a screening room. With IDFA Extended, selected films [...]

MyFestival integration: how IDFA provides a seamless user experience

Most festivals have a “MyFestival” environment on their website: a place where visitors and guests can log into their account and buy tickets or festival badges. Sometimes, there is a different environment for guests to fill out entry forms. With Fiona, we give you the possibility to integrate your MyFestival environment with our industry platform [...]

Must-sees at DOK Leipzig 2020

Film festival season is here: this week is all about DOK Leipzig, the German documentary and animated film festival – running from October 26th to November 1st. This 63rd edition of DOK Leipzig will take place partly in cinemas throughout Leipzig and partly online - “Watch DOK wherever you want”. So, even if you’re not [...]

Remain a business meeting place: facilitate online appointments for your film market

Most festivals are currently forced to adopt a hybrid form. Besides their regular and online program, they have turned the complete professional (industry and film market) program into a virtual event. After all, a film festival also remains a place where contacts are made, and business bonds forged. But, when your festival is online or [...]

How do you remain valuable as a (partly) online film festival?

The outbreak of coronavirus has a huge impact on creative industries all over the world. Many events go online, using live streams and other virtual tools. Film festivals, as well, are now looking for digital solutions for their event. In this quest, film festivals face technical, legal and financial challenges as they are shifting from [...]

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