Sustainability and Inclusion


At Fiona, we are committed to building a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. We understand that our business operations have an impact on the environment, and we take this responsibility seriously. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices throughout our organization. 

We promote a culture of sustainability by encouraging our employees to reduce waste, conserve energy, and make environmentally conscious choices.  We are committed to operating environmentally responsibly and reducing our environmental impact. 

We believe that sustainability is crucial for our planet’s health and the success of our business, and we are continuously exploring ways to improve and advance our sustainable efforts.

Business initiatives

  • We invest in the development of new data structures and functionalities to give festivals the opportunity to work in a more digital way. This results in a significant decrease in the use of paper and printers, transport of objects (virtual distribution) and transport of people (online industry events).

  • We have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption by adopting energy-efficient technologies in our data centres and office, such as energy-efficient servers and LED lighting

  • Fiona’s applications are hosted green, its data center is rated with 1,15 PUE  – see

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What we do on the work floor

  • In our team we encourage each other to turn off equipment when not in use.

  • We encourage employees to drink tap water and not to waste food.

  • There is a strong commitment to waste separation in the office.

  • We enable and encourage working from home.

  • We encourage employees to come to the office on foot, by public transport or by bike.

  • We invest in office tools to work more digitally. This results in a significant decrease in the use of paper, printers and commuting.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Fiona is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity and diversity. We believe that diversity drives innovation and success. We strive to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone is respected and valued, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other characteristic. 

We are committed to providing all our employees equal opportunities for growth and development. We believe that diverse perspectives and experiences lead to better solutions and outcomes and aim to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued. 

We understand that inclusion is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuously improving our practices and creating a culture of inclusivity.

  • Fiona receives interns every year who gain initial work experience at Fiona.

  • In case of equal suitability, Fiona gives preference to the candidate who strengthens the diversity within the team.

  • Fiona strives for gender equality within her team

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