Fiona Talks

Oops, our meeting room is currently closed. 🙁 See below when we are open again.

Hi there! 👋 Nice to have you here. We organize virtual meetings, where we like to share our expert knowledge with you. Topics can be:

💡 — Hands-on tips on improving a festival organization through smart, user-friendly software
🖥 — How to realize a (partially) online festival program
ℹ️ — Any questions you have about festival management and IT

Below, you find a list of our consulting hours. A few minutes before each timeslot, the button to the online meeting room will become active. Just knock on our door (virtually, of course).

Dates & times

During Berlinale – from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (CET) on:

  • Monday, March 1st

  • Tuesday, March 2nd

  • Wednesday, March 3rd

  • Thursday, March 4th

  • Friday, March 5th

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